Why not treat yourself, or a friend, to a knitted tapestry which 

captures a moment from the special day.

Alternatively, commissions are welcome for knitted signs to have 

on the big day. Presented on an easel, or on the wall, these add a

sense of individuality to your wedding.

We are able to tailer to any theme and can also help you brainstorm

if you are stuck for ideas.


Once deciding upon your canvas size, we recommend you send a few photographs, due to some pictures translating better into knit than others.


Bespoke packages of knitted signs prior to the wedding start at £1200. Please email info@tyingtheknit.com with any questions you may have and outline as much as you can regarding your needs.

Commissions for knitted signs start at £228.


All of our artworks are lovingly made from start to finish, knitted on an industrial machine using 100% silk, and then stretched over high quality canvases and stapled at the back. 

These following prices are for commissions of artworks, working from photographs.


120cm/150cm:  £650.


100cm/120cm:  £540.


70cm/70cm:  £385.


60cm/80cm:  £360.


40cm/60cm: £264.


30cm/60cm:  £228.

Price List

Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

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